Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Undeniable Seriousness of Celiac Disease

  It would probably be wonderful if EVERY person with Celiac Disease could ALWAYS wake up each morning and see nothing more than a Road and Friedly Skies ahead.  I like that idea.  Don't you?
  But the fact is that not only are there Depressive type features for many with Celiac Disease; but there are also some pretty realistic voices around who gently tell us that the skies ahead might not necessarily be so friendly.

  If one reads this recent article at Gluten-Free Blog, one will find a well-written piece about the seriousness of Celiac Disease, as well as other helpful information.
  It is interesting how this topic (i.e., "The Undeniable Seriousness of Celiac Disease") pops up sometimes in various literature.
  One of the quasi-suggestions noted in the above-mentioned posting is that perhaps physicians should begin routinely screening for Celiac Disease just as they already do for Cholesterol, Diabetes, TB etc... 
  Months ago, I penned a posting, "Soul-Searching about the Long-Term Effects of Gluten Relapse...", which can be found at Gluten-Free and also chimes in on this same topic.
  Then there are articles such as this from "Science Daily" in September 2009 titled, "Study Finds Increased Risk Of Death For Patients With Celiac Disease-related Disorders", which highlight the seriousness about which I write.
  But then we can really only control that which we can REALLY control.  Right?  I probably cannot convince the entire medical establishment to begin routinely screening for Celiac Disease.  At least not by myself.  Heck, some of us cannot even convince our own family members to get tested even though they are possibly at-risk.
  So life goes on.  And for those of us with Celiac Disease, even though there might be some darkness within the realistic skies ahead; it cannot hurt to smile as often as possible and hope that someday there will be a cure.

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